9 April 2015

A Furniture Farm That Grows Whole Chairs, Lamps From Scratch

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Inspired by an overgrown bonsai tree that resembled a throne, Gavin Munro of Full Grown plants trees that are grown around braces and harvested as fully formed chairs, sculptures, lamps and tables.

Munro is particularly interested in simplicity and efficiency in the "cradle to grave" process, and instead of cutting down an old tree into small parts, expending energy along each step of the process, he wondered if he could grow trees directly into furniture forms.

The result was an experiment with 30 trees planted with grown furniture prototypes in England in 2006. According to The Guardian, he will be harvesting over 400 pieces later this year.

As a project already 10 years in the making, Munro looks to inspire and challenge people to change the way they view trees and boasts a range of products including arm chairs, pendant lamps and mirror frames available for preorder.

Watch the video below to learn about this unusual furniture-making process.

[via The Creators Project, Full Grown]