22 April 2015

Adobe Lightroom CC Update: Facial Recognition, HDR Merge, Filter Brush & More

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Good news, Lightroom users!

Adobe has announced its latest version of the photo-processing tool—the ‘Lightroom CC’.

Its new update comes equipped with faster performance, new features and improved enhancements.

One such feature is the facial recognition ability, allowing users to efficiently organize and categorize individuals based on faces.

Another enhancement is its option to merge multiple images to create seamless panorama shots. Users might also welcome the ‘HDR Merge’, where multiple shots with different exposure settings can be combined into a single image.

Creatives can also have better control of filters as they can exactly determine which parts of the image are affected by the ‘Graduated’ and ‘Radial’ filters, with the use of a filter brush.

Other hidden gems and features are also rolled out as part of the update for a better photo-editing experience.

The ‘Lightroom CC’ is available at US$10 per month as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan. Individuals can also choose to purchase the standalone program—the ‘Lightroom 6’—at US$149, without the mobile and web components.

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[via PetaPixel, images via Adobe Lightroom CC]