2 April 2015

Adobe’s New Feature Lets You Rotate Your Image 360 Degrees In Photoshop

Front view

Have you ever wished you could tweak or rotate your photo in Photoshop for the perfect image?

Adobe hears you—after 10 years of development and fine-tuning, now you can.

Called the ‘Content Aware Revolve’, this option allows you to have a 360-degree view of your image in Photoshop.

Photography resource F Stop Lounge—one of the first to try out the beta version of the new enhancement—stated: “This new feature solves a lot of problems. No longer are photographers slave to carefully planning shoots, collecting client shot requests or over shooting a set up just to be sure they have what they need.”

This essentially means that you can rotate your image, and Photoshop will reproduce the image’s back view or side profile for you without needing you to take an actual shot of the object.

If you think all these sound too good to be true, then you’re right!

Nevertheless, one can hope Adobe will release a feature that’s almost as magical in the near future.

Check out the faux review for ‘Content Aware Revolve’ in its entirety here.


After rotation

[via F Stop Lounge]