2 April 2015

LOL: Samsung’s New Cutting Edge ‘Smartphone’ Doubles As A Kitchen Knife

For April Fools’ Day, Samsung introduced a new smartphone that’s literally cutting edge—it doubles as a culinary knife.

The ‘Samsung Galaxy BLADE Edge’ has an edge so sharp that it can “render all kitchen knives obsolete.”

According to this humorous writeup, it is “designed with diamonds in mind” and can slice through a lobster’s tail as well as heirloom tomatoes.

Its ergonomic design and ceramic body ensures food doesn’t stick to its edge, while special sensors and algorithms makes chopping up to 50% faster.

Equipped with a stylus that acts as a “wireless meat thermometer and baking tool”, it lets you know when your food and baked goods are ready to be served or taken out of the oven.

Find out more about this hilarious smartphone-cum-knife here.

[via Samsung Electronics Official Blog]