1 April 2015

‘Amazon’ Lets You Stock Up On Groceries With Just A Push Of A Button At Home

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Introducing the Amazon ‘Dash Button’—a convenient button that helps you stock up on your groceries in the comfort of your home.

Each product has its own button labeled with the brand’s logo, it comes with a reusable adhesive letting you stick it conveniently on shelves, washing machines, around your house where you place these products at.

The Dash Button is synced to the Amazon app on your smartphone, letting you check and edit the orders you have made—the button only responds to your first press as one count until it is delivered. However, reorders can be easily made through the app.

While many are speculating if the Dash Button is an April Fool’s prank, a representative at Amazon told Mashable in an email that “indeed it is real”.

The buttons are free for Prime members, and can be requested here.

[via Mashable, Amazon Dash Button]