1 April 2015

LOL: Humorous Feminist Cartoons Poke Fun At Gender Stereotypes

British cartoonist Gemma Correll, last featured for her funny comic on how to drive your partner crazy in bed, has created a series of illustrations that poke fun at gender stereotype.

Frustrated with the content found on the internet and in magazines that are targeted at women, she uses them as inspirations for her feminist comics.

Her works explore topics like female body shapes, beauty and fashion trends—Gemma often hilariously exaggerates the subject, coming up with funny and creative interpretations.

For instance, she expended the smokey eye look to 15 other different looks that are in relation to the word “smokey”—like the ‘foggy eye’, ‘smoked salmon bagel eye’, and ‘spicy eye’.

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[via Huffington Post, Gemma Correll]