24 April 2015

Amusing Side-By-Side Portrait Series: Dry Dogs VS Drenched Dogs

Australia-based photographer Serena Hodson has an amusing side-by-side photo series featuring dry dogs and their drenched selves.

Titled ‘Dry Dog Wet Dog’, the portraits are an adorable glimpse at how different the canines look during bath time.

She wrote: “‘Dry Dog Wet Dog’ came about with washing my own dogs. Their personalities change when they know it’s bath time. So I decided to create a series of the different looks and not only personalities but the difference in look from groomed to wet. We get such great texture on the dog when the hair is wet. Some dogs look completely different when wet and this was the joy I wanted to capture.”

Check out her Facebook album for more fun images from the series.

[via My Modern Met, images via Serena Hodson]