24 April 2015

Innovative Miniature Lighting Studio Lets You Take Macro Photos Anywhere

If you are interested in macro photography, you may want to take a look at the “Adaptalux”, a portable miniature lighting studio that would help you take better close-up pictures.

Created by London-based product designer Samuel Granger, it has a modular set-up that is made to be adaptable to each photographer’s unique style—with it, you would be able to control various elements of the macro photography process, including light source brightness, color and direction.

Providing light in “continuous form with incredibly bright LEDs”, the Adaptalux is designed to be used anywhere—it could either mounted onto a camera or used standing alone.

Find out more about it in the video below, or on its Kickstarter page—pledges for a starter kit starts from £100.

[via Kickstarter]