23 April 2015

App Filters Your Social Media Accounts, Helps You Delete Troublesome Posts

If you are worried about how your social media history can come back to haunt you, this app might just help to ease your mind.

Created by Ethan Czahor, ‘Clear’ is an app that uses a sophisticated combination of algorithms and IBM's Watson supercomputer to help you filter through your social media accounts and analyse your history for anything that might harm your reputation.

The ‘Clear’ app currently identifies troublesome posts on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts based on keywords and posts that mention general groups, because any mention of groups may be an instance where you perpetuate stereotypes. The app also highlights posts that use particularly negative language, and provides a score based on how many posts it flagged.

Although the onus still lies with the user to delete these posts, the app simplifies the process with shortcuts that will greatly help users delete content. You can read more about it here.

[via Mashable, Clear]