1 April 2015

Awesome Mini Pop-Tarts Cereal Recipe Let You Start Your Morning Right

Fashion and food blogger Caitlin of Public Lives, Secret Recipes, will show you how to start your day right with a step-by-step recipe to making your own ‘Mini Pop-Tarts Cereal’.

Caitlin explains that the texture of these adorable breakfast cereal is similar to that of a sugar cookie, and “weirdly enough, they taste great in a bowl of milk as cereal.”

All you need is to create a dough by combining flour, sugar, butter, and salt in a food processor, mixing in egg yolks after blending—then roll the dough out and cut it into tiny rectangles before baking.

The recipe includes the ingredients needed to complete the pop-tarts cereal with glaze and sprinkle.

The Pop-Tarts cereal can be eaten with a bowl of milk, and tastes equally good on its own.

Head over here for the full recipe.

[via Bustle, Public Lives, Secret Recipes]