1 April 2015

Mesmerizing Videos Of Fountain Pens Writing Calligraphy Is A Pleasure To Watch

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With so much visual content on the internet, you may not think that watching someone write out words with fountain pens would not interest you much—but you probably have not watched the mesmerising videos by ‘TheImmovableMovers’.

These videos—which seem to have the purpose of testing the pens—capture close-up “nib to paper” shots of someone using various fountain pens to write random words, or the entire alphabet, in different calligraphic styles, from dramatic cursive to neat block-writing.

The beautiful penmanship and the sound of the pens scratching the paper as they write make these videos surprisingly pleasurable to watch—we are not sure why, but it may have something to do with ASMR.

The names of the featured fountain pens—many of which are modified—are stated in the videos’ captions, together with the inks that were used and information about where you can buy them.

Watch a couple of our favorite videos from the channel below—you can find more of them here.

[via TheImmovableMovers YouTube Channel, images via video screen shots]