8 April 2015

Beautifully Designed Tool Helps Bring Balance And Motion To Deskbound Workers

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The new work platform by FluidStance called ‘The Level’ brings motion to any common work or meeting area. By eliciting subtle, constant movement below your feet, it increases your movement and your heart rate.

With reports that 86% of the American workforce sits for over 7.7 hours a day, this new product seeks to aid people to keep their bodies and minds active and healthy, and to evolve the workplace beyond the common desk and chair.

They have already exceeded their initial campaign goals, but are now working to make ‘The Level’ available to the rest of the world. You can purchase yours here.

Watch the video below or visit their website to find out more.

Level Up from FluidStance on Vimeo.

[via Indiegogo and FluidStance, video via Vimeo, images via Indiegogo]