13 April 2015

‘Cheapest’ 3D Printer Costs Only US$179, Lets You Print Wirelessly On-The-Go

Tiko’ is the cheapest 3D printer in the market, costing just US$179.

The 3D printer is constructed with a single, unibody frame, making it easy to assemble and manufacture. It has three set of arms moving in unison that would control the printing.

It has an enclosed chamber to protect your printed products from any external conditions—should the body of the printer be lifted, it will shut down automatically.

Other functions include a flexible print bed to remove your printed works easily, and the ability to synced to the cloud with WiFi, allowing you to print your designs from your smartphone almost anywhere.

Its Kickstarter campaign has already gotten more than a million pledge amount, far exceeding its goal of US$100k.

Click play on the video to find out more about the Tiko.