13 April 2015

Prada's New Delightful Shorts Are Reminiscent Of Wes Anderson's Films

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To showcase its iconic Galleria bag, luxury fashion brand Prada has released a series of short films titled ‘The Postman Dreams’.

Directed by photographer and filmmaker Autumn de Wilde, three short films have been released, ‘The Postman’, ‘The Makeout’ and ‘The Battlefield’, all of which revolve around a postman who looks like a character straight out of a Wes Anderson film.

The visually appealing elements and the quirky storyline reveal the imagination of de Wilde. For instance, in ‘The Battlefield’, the Prada Galleria is the set of an imaginary battle, to showcase the inner workings of the bag as a place for childlike make-believe.

Watch the short film below, and find the others here.

[via Hypebeast, screen captures via YouTube]