22 April 2015

Cocoon-Like Desk Blocks Out Distractions, Helps You Concentrate On Work

If you find yourself in an unproductive slump due to your open office, here is a cocoon-like space that might be of interest to you.

Furniture design company Steelcase is producing this cocoon-like design, named ‘Brody’, to help workers arrive at a total state of concentration. The design originated from the observation that students tend to seek out private spaces within a school library to stretch out and concentrate on work.

When designing ‘Brody’, Steelcase tried to cut down stimulus-driven attention as much as possible, creating a privacy screen which wraps around three sides. The product also includes a footrest, an armrest, a space to keep your bag and an adjustable-tilt work surface so workers will not need to hunch over.

Scroll down and visit their website to find out more.

[via Fast Company, Steelcase]