24 April 2015

Couple Creates Whimsical Wes Anderson-Inspired Save-The-Date Wedding Video

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Manhattan-based couple Jess Lau and Jon Sukarangsan has created a save-the-date video that would delight fans of Wes Anderson.

The bride-to-be told Huffington Post, “We don't always have the same taste in everything, but one thing we always agree on is that Wes Anderson’s aesthetic is brilliant.”

The video features whimsical cinematography cues from the popular director’s films, adding in close-up shots and spilt screens to showcase their individual personality and interest—it also includes short video montages of the time the couple spent together while dating.

Head over here to find out how the couple met from comic strips created by the groom-to-be himself.

Click play on the video to watch the Wes Anderson-inspired save-the-date video.

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