23 April 2015

Creative Ways To Add Some Pizzaz To Your Basic Ikea Furniture

Brighten up a Bekväm step stool with a few sheets of removable wallpaper

Most of the Ikea furniture we have scattered around our home, in all their pristine and minimalistic glory, are actually perfect blank canvases for a myriad of artsy, creative projects.

Taking cues from blogs around the world specialising in the stimulating art of DIY, you can get crafting over a weekend or two together with your best friends or children, and experiment with your Ikea bookshelves, stools, plain rugs—anything at all—and convert them into one-of-a-kind statement pieces you can be proud of in your home.

Get inspired with a few designs below, and head here for more ideas.

Glitz up an Alex unit with some metallic drawer fronts

Mount a Hampen rug on a wall to make a rather cuddly pin board

If you get tired of an old Ikea lamp, turn the shade into a lovely planter

Have your kids help you add some character to their Kritter furniture with vinyl adhesive sheets

Stitch a Malin Figur cushion cover into a stylish tote

[via Buzzfeed]