21 April 2015

Designer Builds His Own Functioning ‘Star Wars’ BB-8 Droid

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Can’t get enough of the new, ball-shaped ‘BB-8’ droid from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer?

Industrial designer Christian Poulsen certainly couldn’t, so he decided to build his own functioning Star Wars droid.

To create the miniature ‘droid’, Poulsen cut opened a Sphero toy, added magnets to hold its head up in place and spray painted it to look like the actual BB-8.

Although it moves less smoothly than the actual thing, it can be controlled via Bluetooth with the Sphero mobile app.

If you would like to create your own BB-8 droid, you can follow Poulsen’s step-by-step guide here.

Check out the droid in action below:

[via Laughing Squid, video and images via Christian Poulsen]