21 April 2015

20 Great Tips For Creating A Fantastic Design Portfolio That Stands Out

Image via Studio Mast

To stand out in a competitive industry, a thoughtful, well-made and attractive portfolio is one of the most important things that a designer should have.

To help you “create an awesome portfolio”, award-winning graphic designer Karen DeFelice has listed down “20 pro tips” in an article for Canva Design School—it is accompanied by great examples of designers and businesses who are doing it right with their portfolios.

From showing only your strongest pieces to keeping your portfolio current and making sure that the featured projects come together to create a cohesive look, this article is especially useful for younger designers who are just starting out on their careers.

Read the entire article here—do you have any other tips for putting together a fantastic portfolio that would catch the eye of recruiters and potential clients?

“Go for variety.” Image via Corina Nika

“Select only your strongest pieces.” Image via Nowhere Famous

“Get a second opinion.” Image via Alexa Falcone

[via Canva Design School]