22 April 2015

Famous Classic Books Get A Refreshing ‘Modernist’ Makeover With Bold Colors

Faber and Faber recently launched a "Modernist" redesign for the Faber Modern Classics.

Each book spots a colored band against a pale grey background, with a single image and a quote to summarise the book's content.

The design is kept clean and adaptable, so as to fit a wide range of texts and a diverse list of authors. Wrapping the colored band all way round the book ensures that the book stands out on any shelf or table.

The image for each text is thoughtfully selected from an archive. For example, John Osbourne's Look Back in Anger uses the original poster from the play's first run at the Royal Court Theatre.

Read more about this redesign of the modern classics here.

[via It's Nice That, Faber & Faber]