22 April 2015

Follow This Entrepreneur’s ‘Weird Morning Ritual’ To Start The Day Right

Image: Jens Sage

As we get more attached to our smartphones, chances are that many of you start scrolling through your emails and social media feeds right after you wake up, while you are still in bed—by doing this, you often expose yourself to negativity, in the form of angry comments and bad news, at the very beginning of the day.

If you are guilty of this, serial entrepreneur Jason Zook—who made news when he sold his last name a few years ago—has a morning ritual that you may want to emulate in order to start the day on a positive note instead.

Calling this ritual “InstaCoffeeHobbes”, Zook’s daily routine is as its name would suggest—it involves Instagram, coffee and Calvin and Hobbes, and is designed to let him relax and indulge in the things he loves so as to “conjure up feelings of happiness”.

Read more about his “weird morning ritual” here—according to Zook, your positive morning ritual would probably differ from his as you may not enjoy the same things, but the key is to do things that are calming and pleasant to set the right tone for the day.

What do you think of waking up in this way—do you have other tips for injecting positivity into your day?

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[via Jason Zook]