22 April 2015

The Things You Should Think About When You Want To Get A Tattoo

"Most times, bigger is better."

Tattoos can represent a meaningful story in your life, immortalize a favorite quote or illustration, or even be a creative means to cover up scars. In any case, should you find yourself toying with the idea of getting inked, Buzzfeed has created a comprehensive guide to ensure that your tattoo is beautiful and well-executed.

Among the many tips featured in this guide, having a good idea of the artwork you want, finding an artist that will understand your vision, and being mentally prepared to shell out a tad more than you might have expected are particularly useful advice.

This fascinating guide also includes precautions to keep in mind the day before your tattoo appointment, such as avoiding alcohol and painkillers, dressing comfortably and doing some stretching exercises.

Read the entire guide here.

"The artist will sketch your tattoo on tracing paper."

"No need to shave ahead of time."

"Manage the pain as best you can."

"Don’t be freaked out by lots of dried blood once you take the bandage off."

"Be prepared to shell out some cash."

[via Buzzfeed]