14 April 2015

For Designers: 20 Design Rules That Should Never Be Broken

"Don't forget to kern."

When it comes to design, “breaking the rules” and “thinking out of the box” have often been seen as ways to achieve outstanding work.

While keeping purely to the tried and tested is unlikely to yield any creative rewards, there are still some rules that a designer would do well to follow—in a recent article for Canva Design School, writer and designer Mary Stribley has listed down 20 of such design rules that “you should never break”.

From being careful with your kerning and word spacing to always using a grid, these rules make up a useful check-list that would help you eliminate common errors from your designs.

Head over here to view all 20 of these golden rules—which ones are you guilty of breaking?

"Have purposeful hierarchy."

"Always use a grid."

"Don't follow design trends."

"Consider your medium."

[via Canva Design School]