14 April 2015

Makeup Artist Creates Incredible Realistic Illusions Of Severed, Sliced Fingers

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These gruesome makeup effects are not for the fainthearted.

Talented makeup artist Kiana Jones—also known as Freakmo—will help you pull off horrifying pranks with her special effects makeup tips that would probably scare the pants off your friends.

Her recent makeup tutorials include step-by-step instructions for creating amazingly realistic severed fingers, a degloved finger with the bone showing, and sliced fingertip.

Using homemade gelatin to recreate the exact shape and size of her finger, she cleverly hides her real finger under a piece of tissue paper, and attach the gelatine ones over it—after which, Kiana would sculpt the scars, apply on makeup and blood accordingly to how she wants the wound to look.

Head over to her YouTube channel for more videos that shows how she creates these looks.

[via Boing Boing, Kiana Jones, images via various video screenshots]