23 April 2015

Fun, Creative Ways To Turn Basic IKEA Furniture Into Unique Statement Pieces

Brighten up a Bekväm step stool with a few sheets of removable wallpaper

Most of the IKEA furniture we have in our homes are actually perfect blank canvases for creative DIY projects.

Taking cues from DIY blogs, you can get crafting with friends and family, and start experimenting with your IKEA bookshelves, stools, plain rugs to convert them into one-of-a-kind statement pieces that you can be proud of.

Get inspired with a few designs below, or head here for more ideas.

Glitz up an Alex unit with some metallic drawer fronts

Mount a Hampen rug on a wall to make a rather cuddly pin board

If you get tired of an old Ikea lamp, turn the shade into a lovely planter

Have your kids help you add some character to their Kritter furniture with vinyl adhesive sheets

Stitch a Malin Figur cushion cover into a stylish tote

[via Buzzfeed]