6 April 2015

Funny ‘Games’ You Can Play On The Subway Without Using Your Phone

“Who settled for who?”

For those who regularly use the subway to commute for work and play, here is a fun list of games that are probably more entertaining than the gaming apps on your smartphone.

Created by the folks at BuzzFeed, the list features 12 “subway games” that you can easily play while you are stuck in the train, such as “Mistress or Daughter?” and “What is that person’s job?”.

For more fun game ideas, head here to read the full post with descriptions.

“What the hell is in that box?”

“Mistress or daughter?”

“Find the rat!”

“What dating site do you think they met on?”

“What is that person’s job?”

[via BuzzFeed, images by Maritsa Patrinos via BuzzFeed]