6 April 2015

You Can Now Play ‘Pac-Man’, ‘Space Invaders’ And ‘Pong’ In One Game

We have recently featured a few mashups including the creative combination of Harry Potter and The Avengers with TV Show Friends, as well as other hilarious mashups of celebrity names and faces.

Here's another one that is brilliant and nostalgic all at once. Designer Dick Poelen has put beloved games Pac-man, Pong and Space Invaders together into one.

The new game called ‘Pacapong’ can be played by two players, with each controlling a Pong paddle, which launches a Pac-man through the famous maze. The players can also fire Space Invaders at each other, and Donkey Kong also makes an occasional appearance to throw barrels at you.

Fans can now enjoy all their favorite games in one. Head over here to download.

[via ShortList]