17 April 2015

George R. R. Martin Reveals His Favorite ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Art

‘Arya Stark’ by John Picacio

With the recent return of Game of Thrones, it is interesting to see what the books' author, George R R Martin, thinks about the art inspired by his books.

Website Creative Bloq spoke to the author about his thoughts on arts and books, specifically about the art that drew him to books and how his own books, the Song of Ice and Fire series has inspired artists.

For someone heavily involved with the artwork in his books, Martin says that he has become more "liberal" compared to at the beginning, when he was more protective of how he thought the characters and throne should look like. In fact, Martin explains in this Livejournal post that Marc Simonetti's interpretation of the Iron Throne is what he imagines it to look like.

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Work in progress for the ‘Iron Throne’ by Marc Simonetti

‘Dance with Dragons’ by Marc Simonetti

Jaime Lannister by Michael Komarck

[via Creative Bloq]