17 April 2015

Comedy Duo Create An Extremely Detailed Portrait In A Portrait 18 Levels Deep

YouTube comedy channel Hello Generic has created an awesome, extremely detailed portrait of a portrait spanning 18 levels deep.

Reddit user ‘hmnig’, who is believed to be one half of the duo featured in the image and also the photographer, told PetaPixel how they shot such a portrait.

The best 18 photos were selected from a pool of more than a hundred images featuring them posing with a myriad of props accumulated from four years of video-making.

‘A lot of image masking’ was then done to the photos and a ‘glass’ level was placed over the photo frame for each level, resulting in a progressively blue tint as you zoom deeper into the portrait.

‘Hmnig’ said, “I was going to continue it further after the last picture, but since they all would have just been a couple of dots I decided against it.”

Check out some of the photos below and the full series here.

[via PetaPixel, images via Hello Generic]