17 April 2015

In New York City, Anti-Catcalling Street Signs Protest Harassment Against Women

Image via Feminist Apparel

In view of the fifth annual Anti-Street Harassment Week, several anti-catcalling street signs appeared in public spaces in New York City and Philadelphia.

The initiative by New York-based Feminist Apparel and Philadelphia’s Pussy Division saw dozens of signs being put up in their respective cities.

Labeled “No Catcall Zone”, they urge men to respect women and stop harassing them.

View more signs from the campaign below.

Shout out to @PussyDivision for this brilliance: http://t.co/cfBsDUXQMK http://ift.tt/1PWVkVq

— PUSSY POWER (@eatthispssypwr) April 16, 2015

Image via Pussy Division

#NoCatcallZone in Chinatown #catsagainstcatcalls http://ift.tt/1CVtVZR

— Feminist Apparel (@FeministApparel) April 13, 2015

Image via Feminist Apparel

No Catcalling Any Time! #NoCatcallZone en route to the Williamsburg Bridge #catsagainstcatcalls http://ift.tt/1PWVkVw

— Feminist Apparel (@FeministApparel) April 13, 2015

Image via Feminist Apparel

Make sure to tag us & @PussyDivision if you stumble upon one of our street signs while you're out! #NoCatcallZone http://ift.tt/1CVtTkH

— Feminist Apparel (@FeministApparel) April 15, 2015

Image via Feminist Apparel

[via Fast Company and Animal NY, images via Feminist Apparel and Pussy Division]