13 April 2015

In Paris, A Creative Space That Bans Technology To Let You Really Think

With so much visual and mental stimulation from our smartphones and other tech devices these days, having the space and time to just let your mind wander, contemplate and daydream is becoming very rare.

In response to this, Paris-based Seymour Projects has launched Seymour+, a space in the French capital that is designed to “help individuals cultivate creative self-expression by encouraging them to balance technological stimuli with internal exploration”.

Free from external distractions and influences—computer, cell phones, books and magazines are not allowed—visitors would be able to gain access to their “thoughts, imagination and intuition”, with nothing to occupy them but a pencil and paper.

Featuring five “interactive environments”, the space is currently catering only to adults who are looking for some peace and quiet that would help them along the creative process.

View more images of this tech-free zone here—would you pay to use such a space?

[via Trendland]