13 April 2015

This Web Tool Helps You To Generate Quotes For Your Clients In Minutes

Do you dread spending a long time coming up with quotations for your work?

Fret not—this whole process has just been made easier with the ‘Web Design Quote Generator’.

The brainchild of the team behind website project management tool BeeWits, you can now generate your quotes in minutes with just two simple steps.

Product manager, David Attard, told Creative Bloq, “We’re an online marketing agency that also handles web design/development projects for clients. We found that most of the time we were either under-estimating how much work went into a project or else finding it hard to explain the final cost to a client.”

“By quoting with a breakdown of all the costs that go into the design and development of a site, we managed to increase our revenue and customer satisfaction accordingly. So we built a free tool that web developers all over the world can use to build estimates for their clients for free: the Web Design Quote Generator.”

Check it out here.

[via Creative Bloq, images via Web Design Quote Generator]