17 April 2015

In Tokyo, A Man Takes His Giant Tortoise For Daily Walks

You’ve probably seen pet owners walking their dogs, maybe even cats—but have you ever seen a man walking a giant tortoise?

Spotted in a Tokyo, an unknown man has been seen taking his pet African spurred tortoise for daily, slow walks.

According to RocketNews24, the adorable duo has been getting a lot of online attention, thanks to photos taken by passers-by.

If you’re ever in Tokyo, you can try spotting them in Tsukishima, a man-made island in Tokyo Bay.

Check out some photos of the two below:

月島にカメ散歩させてるおじいちゃんいた!!(撮影許可済) http://ift.tt/1aM0O4Q

— ヒロシシ (@hi_roshishi) April 12, 2015

月島ってこんなでかい亀が歩いてんのか http://ift.tt/1Dcr3s0

— おーばーだい (@overdie2597) April 12, 2015

[via RocketNews24, images via various Twitter users.]