28 April 2015

In The UK, Breast Milk Ice Cream Celebrates Birth Of Second Royal Baby

London-based ice cream makers The Licktators has teamed up with breastfeeding campaigner Victoria Hiley, to relaunch a breast milk-flavored ice cream in the UK.

The ice cream named ‘Royal Baby Gaga’—packaged in both pink and blue—is dedicated to the upcoming birth of Prince William and Princess Kate’s second baby, and also to raise awareness for breastfeeding in public.

The flavor is made from breast milk donated by mothers after passing strict hospital standards, and added with Madagascan vanilla for a richer taste—it is not new to ice cream lovers in the UK, as the flavor was first launched in 2011, but was later removed from the market due to controversy.

The ice cream will be available at selected London retail locations and online throughout this summer—readers who are not living in the UK can find its recipe here.

Head over here to find out more about the breast milk ice cream.

[via World Food News, People, images via The Licktators]