28 April 2015

Origami-Inspired Flat-Pack Wooden Table Pops Into Shape With A Quick Touch

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Milan-based company Wood-Skin is turning two-dimensional layers of wood and fabric into modern, origami-inspired furniture.

Wood-Skin uses its patented composite materials and the benefits of 3D modeling to design and produce self-standing shapes.

,b>With their composite textile sandwiched between layers of wooden surfaces, the company then designs the geometric 3D structure with their software, planning the place and size of the hinges on their Wood-Skin sheets. The final product is then cut out, attached and folded into the desired shape.

Considering their design process, there is a possibility that their self-standing structures can be reduced back to their compact two-dimensional forms.

Watch the video below to see how the Programmable Table from MIT and Wood-SKin works. Find out more about this innovative design here.

Programmable Table from Wood-Skin® on Vimeo.

[via PSFK]