16 April 2015

Infographic: Hidden Facts About How Facebook Is Moderated

Have you ever wondered how Facebook is moderated? And with the global nature of Facebook, who are these moderators?

The following infographic by Who Is Hosting This reveals the details about Facebook traffic, showing how Facebook moderators play a huge role in making sure that our newsfeeds are safe from offensive content.

Other details include a look at the 800 to 1,000 Facebook moderators worldwide, the types of content that are subject to moderation, as well as the reporting process that the flagged content goes through before any decision is made about it.

Perhaps after viewing this infographic you might feel more respect for these tireless Facebook employees who have to sieve through all the offensive, nasty things so that we don't need to see them.

View the full infographic below and decide for yourself.

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

[via AdWeek]