16 April 2015

Funny Posters Show How Far Movie Franchises Will Go To Squeeze Your Wallet Dry

"At first it was funny, I mean 80's films were amazing, right? Then there was the second one, where Chuck Norris was in it briefly. I thought he was just an internet meme, but apparently he's a real person. I guess somebody probably saw the third one? Oh who am I kidding, if they were all Nicolas Cage, I'd be at the premiere."

UK home cinema specialists Superfi has created a series of funny posters that pokes fun at the movie industry and the saturation of movie sequels.

Titled ‘Desperate Movie Sequels’, the posters imagine how far movie franchises like Harry Potter, Toy Story and The Expendables will go in order to milk more money from moviegoers.

Check out the posters below:

"At some point, Tom Hanks is going to get bored, right? Do you remember when Disney bought these guys out and said they wouldn't just make sequels? That was a load of codswallop wasn't it. At least it's not another 'Cars' movie, I don't know if I could take another one of those. Don't miss the scene where Etch-A-Sketch just writes "help me" on his screen over and over again."

"Don't worry, that ginger lad is still in it. Dumbledore is in a flashback scene for like 30 minutes, it's padding really, but you'll bloody love it. There's a cameo from Gandalf too - he's a wizard, right? I can't imagine for a minute that you're actually reading this. If you are, tell Dave he owes me twenty quid."

"Laurence Fishburne hasn't been up to much lately, has he? He played a nut-job in that 'Predators' film I suppose. That one where Adrian Brody pretended to be an action hero - he's not exactly Schwarzenegger is he. Anyway, that's besides the point, Keanu's shaved his beard off for this - so that's something. You think you want this film, but really, afterwards you're just going to wish he'd done another 'Bill and Ted' instead - that would have been so much better."

Starring: Steve Buscemi.

[via Superfi]