9 April 2015

Infographic: Workplace Communication Issues And How To Overcome Them

Web-based software company 15Five has created an infographic that outlines what employees really want in a workplace.

Based on data derived from a survey of full-time 1,000 employees across the US, they found that 81% value “open communication” over perks like free food and gym memberships. Worryingly, only 15% said their current companies were adequate at fostering communication.

The infographic also highlights two reasons why workplace communication issues arise—namely, clashes in opinions over communication styles between baby boomer managers and millennial employees, and employees not speaking up.

Find out more about these issues and how to overcome them, in the infographic below.

Click to view enlarged version

Click to view enlarged version

Click to view enlarged version

[via Visualistan, 15Five and Entrepreneur, image via 15Five]