9 April 2015

Delightful Ice Cream Flavors Let You Know What Different Colors Taste Like

Have you ever wonder how colors might taste like?

Ice cream shop owner Jeni Britton of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams has created a selection of delightful ice cream flavors that would capture the taste of color.

Inspired by a museum trip to Henri Matisse’s vibrant paper cut-outs, she went about perfecting ‘The Colors Collection’.

Jeni used various fruits to create the color and flavor of the ice creams by extracting its juices. For instance, the ‘Ultramarine Blue’ flavor is made of wild blueberries, raspberry extract, and pineapple.

Head over here to find out what your favorite color tastes like.

[via Foodiggity, Mental Floss, Jeni Britton]