21 April 2015

Innovative ‘Nail Art’ Turns Your Thumb Nail Into Tiny Trackpad For Devices

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For those who find it difficult to check a recipe on a mobile device while cooking, this new invention can make your life much easier.

Invented by MIT Media Lab, ‘NailO’ is a smart sticker that is placed on your thumb nail, turning it into a tiny trackpad. The circuits on ‘NailO’ include a touch sensor, battery and Bluetooth radio.

‘NailO’ was inspired by the nail stickers used by some women to decorate their nails. For now, ‘NailO’ can recognise five different gestures with 92% accuracy, and the team plans to continue perfecting it before making it available on the market.

The invention would be presented at the upcoming CHI 2015 Conference in South Korea.

Watch the video below to see how it works.

[via Fast Company, screen captures via YouTube]