16 April 2015

Innovative Smart Pedal Makes Your Bicycle Technically Impossible To Steal

You will be able to transform your regular bicycle into a “Smartbike” in the near future by installing Connected Cycle’s brand innovative new pedal.

Founded in Paris, Connected Cycle has built the world’s first integrated pedal with three simple but extremely useful functions.

With the installation of the pedal, users will be notified via a corresponding smartphone application when someone touches their bicycle. An in-built GPS tracker will assist in locating the bicycle.

No charging is necessary for this pedal to work. Being uniquely self-sufficient, it generates its own energy and relies on its own internet connection.

For all avid and daily bikers out there, this aluminum-bodied pedal will also automatically record the speed, route and incline of your travels, and the data will be transmitted over cloud to its smartphone app.

Get a first look at the highly-anticipated pedal below, and read more about it here.

[via Connected Cycle]