16 April 2015

You Can Now Meet Strangers From Around The World Who Look Just Like You

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You can now meet your doppelgängers from all over the world that look exactly like you from the ‘Twin Strangers’ project.

Inspired by journalist Sophie Robehmed—who found her doppelgänger through a social media campaign—three Dublin friends Harry English, Niamh Geaney, and Terrence Manzanga decided to use Facebook to find strangers who look like them in 28 days.

Geaney met Karen Branigan in person, who stood out from all the submissions. They decided to dress up in matching clothes and did their hair and makeup in the same way, which made them look like identical twins.

Head over to their Facebook page's photo album to start looking for people who look like you.

Click play on the video to watch them meet for the first time.

[via A Plus, Twin Strangers]