8 April 2015

Intricate Model Tells The History Of The London Docklands When You Turn Its Gear

This beautiful project is a narrative gyroscope, a universe of wheels within wheels, with shifting ground planes and emerging landscapes.

The project titled ‘Destination Docklands’ is created by Emma Colthurst from the Bartlett School of Architecture in London.

Intended as a horological device, it tells the story of the site through time, including a “submerged industrial landscape” that arises with a turning of the gears to towering cranes set to transform the Docklands for generations.

Colthurst explains that a Gimbal, a mechanism typically used for ship navigation is used here to hold the Dock’s spatiality in balance.

As the rings turn, the spatial relationship between the industrial worlds are juxtaposed against one another, resulting in scenes of different contexts rolling into view, momentarily aligning and sinking into other potential rearrangements.

Scroll down to admire some images of the project, and read more about it here.

[via Bldg Blog, images via Lobby]