8 April 2015

Animated Tutorials Show You How To Draw Like Disney’s Leading Animators

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Solid Drawing

Artist Alan Becker has created a series of animated videos that teaches you how to draw like leading Disney animators from the 1980s.

His animated tutorials were inspired by a book written by two of Disney’s original animators, Frank Thomas and Ollie Jonson, who came up with the ‘12 Principles of Animation’ to help artists create objects and characters that move realistically.

To explain each of these principles, such as “Squash & Stretch” and “Straight Ahead & Pose to Pose”, Becker used simple animated graphics and brief descriptions to help budding animators understand these useful concepts.

Scroll down to view some of the videos featured in Becker’s series, or check out his YouTube playlist to view the rest.

Squash & Stretch

Straight Ahead & Pose to Pose

Solid Drawing

[via Digg, videos via AlanBeckerTutorials]