3 April 2015

LOL: Man Takes ‘Miserable’ Photos During His Free Trip For His Wife At Home

Most people would probably be delighted with the offer of a free vacation, but not Kevin Blandford.

Blandford recently won a free trip to Puerto Rico by his company for his “extraordinary performance”, but his joy was short-lived after realizing that he could not bring his wife and seven-month-old daughter along.

To show how “miserable” he was, Blandford took hilarious, sad-looking photos throughout his vacation and shared them with his wife in an album, ‘Not a single second of fun in Puerto Rico’, which went viral on Imgur recently.

Lucky for Blandford, his wife had a great sense of humor and found his travel photos “funny”.

Check them out below—would you have done the same in a similar situation?

[via BuzzFeed, images via Imgur]