20 April 2015

LOL: Men Make Tough Decisions About Their Manhood In Parody Of Dove’s Doors Ad

Earlier this month, Dove launched its ‘#ChooseBeautiful’ ad campaign–giving women around the world the choice to walk through two doors, one labeled “Beautiful” and the other “Average”.

In this parody film, Funny or Die takes a lighthearted poke at the sentimental original video.

Challenging men with a similar choice–to walk through two doors, one labeled “Average Dick” and the other “Big Dick”–the short film serves as a reminder that no one–male or female–is immune from self-esteem issues.

People should remember that one of the most attractive qualities a person can have is confidence, and the ability to not take him or herself too seriously.

So guys, which door would you walk through?

Click to watch the video below:

[via Adweek, video via Funny or Die]