3 April 2015

LOL: Video Shows Guys Trying To Describe The Anatomy Of A Female Private Part

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“The dragon-slayer if you’re a knight…The chamber of secrets, the vortex because it will suck your soul.”

The team at Booze Lightyear has created a video asking a group of guys to describe the anatomy of the female private part.

The guys used funny analogies, likening the vagina to the Batman’s headquarters, an onion, and the “G-spot” as WiFi connection—proving that these guys have no idea about lady parts.

Click play to watch the hilarious video.

“A lot of people don’t know the vagina has a brain.”

“This kinda works as a soundboard if you push the right buttons.”

“If a little piece of dirt gets in there—with enough time—a pearl with come out.”

“If you go deep enough, you can actually find gold particles and treasures.”

“The vagina is like an onion, and if you’re not careful it will make you cry.”

“Penis, I think fits in here?”

[via Elite Daily, Booze Lightyear, images via video screenshot]