24 April 2015

Photo Of An Extremely Rare Quadruple Rainbow Takes The Internet By Storm

New York-based Amanda Curtis might have just chanced upon a pot of gold—she bore witness to an extremely rare sighting of a quadruple rainbow while waiting for her train in Long Island on Tuesday.

She then uploaded a photo of her lucky encounter to Twitter, which quickly took the Internet by storm.

The co-founder of an online fashion startup said the shot is real and was captured in open air.

Research meteorologist Paul Neiman also corroborated the authenticity of the image.

He wrote: “This is an outstanding example of a primary and secondary rainbow (relatively common) occurring together with their reflected-light counterparts (quite rare).”

Here’s to an awesome weekend ahead:

Quadruple #Rainbow at #glencove ny @LIRR station Today will be 4 pots of #gold #lucky #chasetherainbow #aprilshowers http://ift.tt/1zGyOG8

— Amanda Curtis (@amanda_curtis) April 21, 2015

[via PetaPixel, images via Amanda Curtis]