21 April 2015

Photographer Captures Heartwarming Photos Of His Son With Down Syndrome Flying

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Anything is possible. That is the message Utah-based photographer Alan Lawrence wants to communicate to his fifth and youngest child Wil, who has Down Syndrome.

Inspired by Wil’s love for rolling on his stomach and striking flying poses–arms behind his back and feet wiggling–Alan decided to document his son’s antics in his heartwarming series ‘Wil Can Fly’.

What started as fun photos on Lawrence’s Instagram account gradually led to a Kickstarter campaign aimed at giving back to the Down Syndrome community, to convey the positive message that children with Down Syndrome are a blessing to their families.

The project aims to raise funds to print ‘Wil Can Fly’ calendars, with half of the sales proceeds going to two Down Syndrome foundations, Ruby’s Rainbows and Reece’s Rainbows.

To find out more, visit Lawrence’s Instagram account, blog, Facebook page, YouTube page or Kickstarter campaign.

[via DeMilked and LiftBump, images via @thatdadblog]