21 April 2015

New ‘Shrimp-Less Burger’ May Be Japan's Most Baffling Burger Yet

Fast food chain Lotteria has introduced its newest member of its burger family—the “Shrimp-Less Burger”.

Previously, it had famously rolled out burgers filled with ramen, spaghetti, chocolate sauce and other bewildering burger creations.

The all-new “Shrimp-Less Burger” features everything you would expect in a burger, with one important ingredient missing—the patty. Customers who pay US$1.75 for this burger would find themselves biting into two buns clasping a wad of lettuce topped with some tartar sauce.

This burger is only available for a limited time, after which a burger with an actual shrimp patty in it will be introduced.

Perhaps, this is nothing more than a clever move to generate publicity for the real shrimp burger?

Check out some images of the burger in all its shrimp-less glory below.